EasyNMR is an online web-based system to control the workflows involved in the processing and visualisation of NMR data. EasyNMR is currently being developed, so not all features are fully functional yet. Below is a compilation of examples you may play around with. For example, drag-n-drop your experimental Bruker NMR spectra onto the left-hand side of the EasyNMR window to display them.

Using EasyNMR

EasyNMR provdes a flow-based work environment, where the flow objects are connected through anchors. The idea is that each object has a specific function and may send predefined data to the next object. For example, a spectrum is transmitted to a peak-picker, which sends data further on. The video below gives a 2-min introduction to how to use EasyNMR to run a SIMPSON simulation.

August 1, 2020, Thomas Vosegaard